Cardiology Services

Dr. Edwin A. Lee uses the latest and proven heart-related services and technology. The services offered at our Los Angeles cardiology office are listed

Cardiology Consultation & Evaluation

Testing of the heart. We provide a complete consultation and evaluation by Dr. Edwin Lee. Diagnostic testing and a further review of your condition is provided.

Whether you need a second opinion or you want to have your heart evaluated, Dr Edwin Lee can provide you with a thorough evaluation of your heart and arteries.

Preventative Health

Testing and evaluation of a patient’s heart. Using preventative measures, we will be able to reduce the chance of heart disease, or lower complications of heart disease when caught early on.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is used to determine heart health through imaging. We offer an array of stress testing options utilizing advanced images as well as alternatives when a patient is too weak to perform a standard treadmill test.

Exercise Nuclear Perfusion Imaging

An in-depth test to image the heart and blood supply to determine if a patient suffers from angina. This test is also used to evaluate a patient before surgery. Patients are asked to use a treadmill while a radioactive substance is injected into the blood to follow the flow of your blood. This is a very accurate stress test that takes 3 – 4 hours.

Pharmacologic Exercise Nuclear Perfusion Imaging (Lexican)

When patients are too weak to perform exercise, Lexisca can be administered through a peripheral IV to be able to mimic a treadmill stress test.

Trans-Thoracid Echocardiography (TTE)

Using ultrasound imaging, a complete scan of inside of your heart, valves and pumping function of your heart is obtained. This test is used commonly when heart murmurs are heard or when you have been diagnosed with heart failure.

Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography (TEE)

An alternative to heart imaging. A TEE will place a camera probe into the esophagus to create an image of the patient’s heart.

Tilt Table Examination

Often used when fainting, near fainting or dizziness occurs. A tilt table will be used to measure blood flow, pressure and patterns in different positions.

Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)

Dr Edwin Lee offers the latest in heart tracing. An EKG / ECG can be used to measure the rate and rhythm of the heart and is a great way to evaluate a patient before surgery.

Holter & Event Monitor

Advanced monitoring of the heart. This device is used to record a patient’s heart rhythm over the course of weeks or months to determine any irregularities.

Laboratory Blood Testing

My office performs a wide array of blood testing including state of the art genetic testing for cardiac conditions.

Abdominal Aorta Ultrasound

An ultrasound is used to determine if patients suffer from arterial disease of the abdominal aorta. An abdominal aorta ultrasound will be able to determine if the disease such as atherosclerosis or an aneurysm (abnormal weakening and expansion of aorta) is present.

Arterial Vascular Ultrasound

Atherosclerosis or blockages of the leg arteries can lead to leg pain and or poor wound healing in the legs. Ultrasound examination of the blood flow in the arteries of your legs can help determine if disease such as atherosclerosis or blockage of the leg arteries is present.

Carotid Vascular Ultrasound

Atherosclerosis or blockage of the carotid arteries leads to plaque within the arteries of the neck anc can lead to stroke. Carotid arteries are thoroughly examined using ultrasound. Examination of the arteries found within the neck can often provide a clear picture of your heart health and condition.

Venous Duplex Ultrasound

An hour long procedure that takes place right in our Los Angeles cardiology office. A Venous Duplex ultrasound penetrates deep into the legs to find blood clots or restricted blood flow. This ultrasound often leads to immediate treatment using blood thinners.

CT Coronary Angiography

A complete scan of your heart that produces an accurate three-dimensional model of your arteries, veins and the heart. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, a CT Coronary Angiography will quickly produce images of your heart to precisely determine the extent of heart disease.